60 Minutes, and mainstream media in general, have gone totally silent on the real immigration crisis in this country; it’s been going on for decades and it’s not at the border.  CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal-leaning outlets have missed their opportunity to champion the real underdogs in the immigration crisis.  They should turn their cameras away from the crowded immigration centers and start tailgating the undocumented workers who have been released… then fail to show for their asylum hearing. 

What happens to them?  Where do they go? Where do they live? How do they survive in a country without having adequate papers?  The truth? They live under the radar and are exploited daily in “the land of the free.”

Last week’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Mississippi showed just a snippet of the exploitation of undocumented workers by Human Resource departments who have allowed them to work without papers.

The prevailing headlines read: “Sobbing 11 year-old begs for dad’s release after ICE raids.”  Every reporter turned their focus to the kids whose parents weren’t there to meet them after school, but not one reporter investigated these facts:

  • Illegal immigrants are often told by construction employers that they will be able have free accommodations.  The reality is their “housing” is unfinished construction without running water or toilets.  The workers sleep on-site, wash off with garden hoses, use porta johns, and sleep under the roof they just built.
  • Undocumented workers are often forced to work overtime in plants (like those in Mississippi) and factories while being threatened with “deportation” if they don’t comply.  Many are forced to leave their kids home and unattended when this happens.
  • People in this country without papers are often the first to be sex-trafficked and forced into prostitution. They are preyed on by thieves and con artists because they have little to no recourse; they are afraid to report crimes for fear of being deported.

THIS is the true crisis of illegal immigrants in America.  Mainstream media is unwilling to get past the photo-ops and the easy news.  Stories of how these immigrants are exploited take real reporting. Frankly the news in this country has become so degraded in the last 20 years that no one works at a story; news readers “vomit up” the same story their competition did yesterday.

The commentary should be less about how America treats immigrants AT the border and more about what is allowed to happen to them once they get out of the detention facilities.