While the government is in shutdown mode, the list of federal agencies operating without pay is long.  Some of those include the FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security; Justice, Agriculture, State Departments, Department of the Treasury, as well as the Interior Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and of course, the United States Coast Guard.

So while the President and Democratic members of Congress duke it out at the highest level, private citizens and communities across the U.S. have stepped in to help furloughed workers and those who are still on the job, working without pay.

One such community is Pine Forest in Summerville, South Carolina.  The residents chose to donate to the Low Country Chief Petty Officers Association that operates a food bank and outreach program every day of the year.  But “stores” are low right now as both junior members, and those who have been in the Coast Guard longer, struggle to make ends meet.

The donations of gift cards, online contributions, and  food pantry items, exceeded everyone’s expectations for the week long drive.  The boxes and bags of non-perishable items, baby necessities, and laundry detergents, will free up household funds to help cover rent or mortgage payments.

When a representative of the Chief Petty Officers Association collected the Pine Forest donations today, he remarked that the greater Charleston area had also been very generous.  Earlier today, he was privileged to receive a large check from Charleston attorney, George Sink.  Mr. Sink has also stepped forward to offer assistance to a local Coast Guard family who has had additional issues that go beyond the loss of a payday.

Readers can continue to support the Low Country Chief Petty Officers’ Association via their Facebook page.  The DONATE icon is located in the upper right of the page.